Expect Nothing!


Online dating is hard. Really, really, ridiculously hard. You have to sift through a lot of shit before you end up finding matches you’re willing to have a conversation with online, let alone meet up with in The Real World. However I think online dating should be taken with little expectation one way or the other.

So you have a date lined up, you have compatibilities, you’re getting dressed, doing the make up, choosing the heels…What are you thinking? “This guy could be the one!”, “He’s so sweet!”, “I hope this is the one that takes me out of this world of fuckbois, players, creeps and losers!”.

No. Don’t do it to yourself, just don’t! Expect nothing!


OK not nothing. Expect to meet a random stranger and get to know them. Don’t expect that this date will be the last first date, that you won’t come home at 8.30 and log straight back onto the dating site and look for more matches. Expect online dating to be your future for at least a year, and (I know this bit is hard) try to enjoy it!

When you change your expectations from meeting a potential boyfriend or future husband, whatever you’re aiming for in this crazy world, to just meeting someone new for a chat…expectation causes a lot of problems.

When you don’t already have this person tagged with a potential boyfriend label, it’s much easier to see the guy for what he is; player, manipulator, ‘Nice Guy’, fuckboi, or someone with potential. You can leave the nerves behind and be a little more blase, reserved and careful with your own heart.

Online dating can be soul destroying if you let it, so protect yourself and don’t have too many expectations. Doing this is difficult, it might take being chewed up and spat out as it did for me to take a step back and tame my expectations. But maybe being played was a blessing in disguise…


6 thoughts on “Expect Nothing!

  1. Excellent advice! That’s a scary medium. I hear many disturbing stories, but I’ve also heard wonderful stories as well. I have a couple of friends who met their husbands through online dating. I seem to attract the weirdos. lol. Maybe they think I’m a weirdo too. 🙂

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    1. Everyone’s weird in their own little way, I suppose it’s just finding the person whose ‘weird’ you mesh with!

      Much like everything the tragedies outweigh the success stories, but if there’s a chance, why the hell not go for it? Thanks for your comment MaryPamela, I hope you enjoy future instalments as well 🙂


    1. It really can be! Everything you do is judged, but if you don’t have as much expectation, the judgement doesn’t hurt as much; so the bloke doesn’t think you’re girlfriend material, you just went for a drink with him and he was alright, but you don’t have your future pinned on him liking you, as you might have done if you came into it with expectations 🙂

      Easier said than done, obviously, lol! Thanks for your comment and follow 🙂

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